I make pots because I love the way I feel at the wheel: challenged, intent, curious, driven. I also make pots because I love the way I feel when I fail: undone, disappointed, obsessed, determined.

My visual language is texture. I love the tactile quality of raw clay so I leave my work unglazed (though treated to be water tight). This also allows me to make single fired work, reducing the natural resources required to make a finished pot. I have always been a rock picker upper - on a beach, at the river, while hiking or walking - and I find that my favorite stones have a balance of repetition and variation in a pattern: one to catch the eye, the other to keep it at attention. I strive for this in my own surface textures, and my clay bodies can look different depending on how well I've mixed them, where a piece sits in the kiln, and what tools I've used to trim it.

I want to create textures that bring my love of stone surfaces to vessels that speak to my love of flowers and plants: it is my hope that most of my pots will hold something for you - a bowl of nectarines, a bouquet of wildflowers, a favorite house plant - but also stand on their own as sculptural objects and shapes of interest. Thank you so much for giving my pots good homes.